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Penetration Test Scoping Form

This form is designed to collect preliminary information about your technology infrastructure and applications, allowing us to offer you a customized penetration testing plan, security assessment, and pricing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are sharing confidential information with us, please ensure its protection by having a signed NDA with Prodigy 13 before submitting the form. Contact your Account Manager to obtain a copy of our NDA.

NOTE: Only complete this section if you want us to perform Web Application and/or API Penetration Testing.

Which assessment method would you prefer to be done? General difference between assessment methods are:

Blackbox: Pen testing is done without credentials. The test is shorter and the expected finding count is Low.

Grey-box: Pen testing is done with provided credentials (test account to your application). The test is longer and the expected finding count is higher than the Blackbox.