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Privacy by Design Policy (No Social Media)

At Prodigy 13, we prioritize the ‘CIA’ Information Security triad, which includes confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Although many companies tackle elements of the CIA triad, confidentiality remains susceptible to social engineering and phishing. Unintentional leaks of confidential client data, such as employees sharing this information on LinkedIn, are frequent.

MITRE’s ATT&CK knowledge base features articles that specifically address these vulnerabilities, outlining prevalent techniques such as social media and website disclosures used during an attack’s reconnaissance phase.

At Prodigy 13, we have a strict PbD policy that prohibits team members from divulging certain information, including:

why privacy by design?

Privacy by Design (PbD) is a concept in information technology and data protection that emphasizes privacy and data protection considerations throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, service, or system. It involves designing and implementing privacy features and measures into the core architecture and operation of technology systems, rather than addressing privacy issues as an afterthought or add-on.

The idea behind PbD is to ensure that privacy is an essential part of the design process and to embed privacy-enhancing technologies and practices into every stage of development, from the initial design to the final disposal of the system. This approach aims to promote privacy and data protection by default, rather than as a secondary consideration.

PbD is often seen as a proactive and preventive approach to data protection, which can help to avoid data breaches, security vulnerabilities, and privacy violations. It has become increasingly important in the digital age, where the amount of personal data being collected and processed is growing exponentially.

At Prodigy 13, we have seamlessly integrated PbD into all of our services.

Why do organizations choose Prodigy13?

icon Zero trust security

Holistic approach, Zero blind spots

Using the Zero Trust Security model, we ensure 100% coverage with zero blind spots.

icon flexible fees

Affordable fees

We offer affordable fees that are a fraction of the cost of a typical Senior Security Engineer or MSP (Managed Security Providers).

icon experience

Highest security standards

Our services adhere to the highest levels of security frameworks, benchmarks, and standards (NIST 800-53, FedRamp, CIS, MITRE ATT&CK, etc).

icon cybersecurity

Privacy by Design

Ensuring complete confidentiality for our clients and key team members is our top priority, and we achieve this through our Privacy By Design policy.

icon support

Dedicated resources

A dedicated security analyst/engineer and account manager for each account, with strict deliverables and service level agreements.

icon contact

Constant Communication

Zoom, private Slack channel, phone or email are all available for communication.


Our team members boast prestigious security certifications and formal training in the following:

Compliance Frameworks

Certification Organizations

Partner Companies

Free Assessment


We offer free initial consultations for all of our services. Schedule a free consultation.

 To make top-notch security more affordable for emerging businesses, we are offering generous discounts of up to 50%. Book a Free Consultation today to learn more.

CSPM detects security risks within cloud workload configurations. With CSPM, businesses can identify unintentional configurations that could make it easier for attackers to access sensitive information or breach their environments.

The Zero Trust Security framework was created to respond to the ever-changing threat landscape. For more information please visit our Zero Trust page.

At Prodigy 13, we offer Risk Assessments and Zero Trust Certification based on the Zero Trust principle framework. Upon completion of the assessment, we’ll provide a formal report detailing compliance and gaps. Additionally, you’ll receive an attestation letter to present to your clients and a badge for your website and marketing initiatives! Learn more.

We offer security services across all cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Oracle, etc), hybrid environments, and on-site/collocation data centers. 

Yes! We offer emergency services. Please, connect with your account representative for more information.



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