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Job Description

Prodigy 13 is a fast-growing security company with a focus on the Zero Trust security model. Our mission is to help the World be a more Secure, and Safer Place. As a team, we are dedicated to solving this huge problem and striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Our company is looking for a talented Senior DevOps/DevSeOps engineer to join our dynamic environment and fast pace team. As part of our infrastructure team, this person will help us improve our platform, participate in building new infra solutions, and continue to improve our security posture:

  • Architect, implement and manage fault tolerant, scalable cloud and on premise solutions. 

  • Work with the latest AWS technologies like Instances, Kubernetes (EKS), S3, PostgreSQL, and more.

  • Manage our AWS production deployments (SaaS) running on AWS ECS/EKS/KMS.

  • Manage infrastructure in other cloud providers such as GCP, DigitalOcean, Cloudflare and our own on premise servers

  • Design and develop tools for managing and applying DevOps principles, such as CI/CD automation and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) on our Cloud-based production systems.

  • Design and manage different monitoring and observability tools for troubleshooting and resolving production issues.

Mandatory Requirements

    • 5+ years of relevant DevOps work experience in Production environments

    • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes

    • Experience with continuous-integration tools (CircleCI, Gitlab, GitHub actions or similar)

    • Experience working with Agile software development, micro services, CI/CD pipelines, Git version control
    • Experience with Terraform, and Cloudflare

    • Experience building scalable and fault tolerant clusters, database servers, and load balancers

    • Experience building REST APIs and integration with 3rd party APIs
    • Experience with PostgreSQL or other relational databases
    • Experience with containers, kubernetes, and major cloud providers
    • Nice to have: Experience with AI/Tensorflow, and building SaaS applications
    • Effective communication, both written and oral
    • Ability to deliver on time, as per agreed project deliverables
    • Alignment with our core values

    • Work closely with the product management, and the engineering leadership team
    • Take responsibility for the design, architecture, and implementation of our infra solutions

    • Carefully test and document your code, along with the standards and conventions agreed upon by the team

    • Meet deadlines, and team OKRs

Our Tech Stack

    • Python
    • React
    • Django DRF
    • PostgreSQL, sqlite
    • Redis
    • Cloudflare Workers, R2, D1
    • Docker Containers
    • AWS/GCP, DigitalOcean


    • 100% Remote
    • Work from ANY country
    • Competitive pay
    • Flexible hours
    • Huge growth opportunity
    • Purpose driven work
    • Incentive program
    • Stock options