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Job Description

Prodigy 13 is a fast-growing security company. Our mission is to help the World be a more Secure, and Safer Place. As a team, we are dedicated to solving this huge problem and striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Our company is looking for a talented frontend (or full stack) developer who can write clean, and stable code. As part of our development team, this person will build and deploy various applications.

Mandatory Requirements

    • Experience working with Agile software development, micro services, CI/CD pipelines, Git version control
    • Excellent JavaScript knowledge and front end libraries such as React.js, including class and functional components and hooks.

    • Expert level knowledge in JavaScript syntax, and in front end essentials such as HTML, and CSS.

    • Proficiency with Django and one other server side language such as Python, Ruby, Java, PHP or .Net.

    • Experience with state management packages such as Mobx and Redux

    • Experience with other front end frameworks is a plus: Bootstrap, etc.
    • Experience working with containers, kubernetes, and major cloud providers
    • Effective communication, both written and oral
    • Ability to deliver on time, as per agreed project deliverables
    • Alignment with our core values

    • Work closely with the product management, and the engineering leadership team
    • Take responsibility for the design, architecture, implementation, and deployment of features

    • Carefully test and document your code, along with the standards and conventions agreed upon by the team

    • Meet deadlines, and team OKRs

Our Tech Stack

    • Python
    • React
    • Django DRF
    • PostgreSQL, sqlite
    • Redis
    • Cloudflare Workers, R2, D1
    • Docker Containers
    • CI/CD, Git
    • AWS/GCP, DigitalOcean


    • 100% Remote
    • Work from ANY country
    • Competitive pay
    • Flexible hours
    • Huge growth opportunity
    • Purpose driven work
    • Incentive program
    • Stock options